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Grand Stone marble and limestone factory

" Not the biggest, just the most excited about what we do. "

How it started.

Imagine launching a business when the product you want to sell is a rarity in your area. Back in the late ’90s in Morocco, our family ventured into the marble industry. Available vendors were few and had limited selections.

Marble wasn’t yet popular here, so we thought, “Why not stir things up?”

Thus, we entered the marble game by importing high-quality materials from abroad. Think of us as the new kids on the block, introducing something fresh to the Moroccan streets. The strategy was straightforward: source marble, bring it home, and hope others love it as much as we do.

Grand Stone today?

Think of it as the outcome of a family’s adventure into the unknown, mixed with a youthful twist on tradition. We’re not just about selling stone; we’re about discovering the beauty right under our feet and sharing it with the world. From marbles to the unique range of Moroccan limestones, we’ve made it our mission to showcase what Morocco has to offer.

Sure, we started with imports, but now we’re all about exporting our homeland’s best. It’s not just business for us; it’s a bit of a passion project—finding the coolest, most unique pieces of natural stones of Morocco and sending them out into the world.

So, here we are, Grand Stone, a mix of old-school hustle and new-school love for Moroccan materials. We’re not trying to be the biggest, just the most excited about what we do. Consider this an open invitation to join us on this journey.

Who knows? You might find yourself getting excited about marble and limestone, too.

The Essence of Grand Stone.

Collaborative creations.

At Grand Stone, we see every piece of stone as a collaborative opportunity, a chance to fuse Moroccan tradition with contemporary design. It’s here we extend our hands to the visionaries—the architects, the designers, and the dreamers—inviting them to join us in crafting a legacy of limestone that goes beyond aesthetics.

Together, we explore the possibilities of Moroccan natural stone and Zellige Tiles discovering innovative ways to integrate it into spaces that stand out for their artisanal character and timeless appeal. We provide not just materials, but a partnership to realize your most ambitious projects.

We understand that creatives are always on the quest for something distinctive, a gem that sets their work apart. That’s why we’ve created something just for you—a designer’s sample box, a tactile and visual collection of our finest Moroccan limestone, reserved for those ready to weave magic into their creations.

what we do

Discovering nature's treasures, we craft them with care and creativity, bringing their inherent beauty right into your home.

Wrapped in wood, sealed with perfection.

Our treasures travel in style – cradled in custom wooden crates, thoughtfully designed for the journey ahead. Treated and certified, these timber guardians are reinforced, not just for resilience, but with a nod to those who might stack them high in spaces where square footage is as precious as the cargo.

And because beauty needs to breathe, our crates come with an open-top policy, allowing every stone tile either marble or limestone to exhale, free from the clutches of humidity. It’s our way of ensuring that what glistens in our hands arrives with the same luster at your threshold, ready to grace your space with the elegance it deserves.

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