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Stone & paving patterns A guide to elegance.

Welcome to this Grand Stone | Installation & Patterns guide, where we explore how natural stones like limestone, marble, and travertine can transform your space. These gifts from nature offer not just versatility and durability but also bring a unique elegance to any pavement.

In this Grand Stone | Installation & Patterns guide, we unveil specific paving patterns that can turn your area into a canvas of timeless beauty. Each stone type, with its distinct texture and color, lends itself to various installation techniques that enhance the overall aesthetic of your surroundings. Stone installation and patterns play a pivotal role in the outcome of your paving project. From the random layout that mimics natural landscapes to the geometric precision of herringbone or basketweave patterns, the choice of arrangement can dramatically alter the appearance of your space.


Regular Pattern

Embrace the harmony and balance of a Regular Pattern in your paving projects. This classic choice offers a uniform and orderly appearance, ideal for spaces where consistency and simplicity are paramount. Consequently, it enhances areas with its neat and predictable layout.

stone floor installation regular pattern grand stone
Stone floor installation french pattern grand stone

French Pattern

The French Pattern brings an elegant and artistic touch to any paving project. This timeless design skillfully combines various tile sizes, creating a seemingly random but harmonious layout. As a result, it offers a sophisticated and captivating aesthetic, enriching any environment.

Stacked Pattern

Explore the simplicity and elegance of the stacked floor pattern, a design where tiles are laid in straight rows, aligning both vertically and horizontally. This timeless layout offers a modern, clean look that enhances any space with its orderly aesthetic.

Stone floor stacked pattern grand stone
Stone floor herringbone pattern grand stone

Herringbone Pattern

The Herringbone Pattern offers a distinct angular beauty, perfect for adding sophistication to any paving project. This pattern is laid in a V-shape, creating a zigzag effect that leads the eye along the pathway. Additionally, it provides excellent stability and durability, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

Chevron Pattern

Chevron Pattern is a bold and modern take on traditional patterns, characterized by its sharp, point-to-point angles. This pattern forms a continuous zigzag and is particularly striking in contemporary settings. Moreover, Chevron Chic can dramatically transform a space, making it appear larger and more dynamic.

Stone floor installation chevron pattern grand stone

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