Mathieu Lehanneur’s liquid marble surface

Liquid marble by the French Designer Mathieu Lehanneur
London Design Festival : French Designer Mathieu Lehanneur has relocated his ‘liquid marble installation’ to the victoria and albert museum during the london design festival.

On this occasion, the piece takes on a new black hue that invites visitors to enter a meditative state, surrounded by the museum’s norfolk house music room.

It is presented on a 30cm high pedestal, offering viewers a close-up experience of the enigmatic effect of contrasting materials – both liquid and solid at the same time – and encouraging contemplation. the installation evokes a surreal vision of the sea by mimicking the look and feel of rippling water.


‘Liquid marble’ sees lehanneur combine his passion for design, science, technology and art, and introduces an alchemic combination: nourished by science, and with a metaphysical approach. ‘liquid marble’ invites the visitors to experience the most innovative processes whilst letting the mind wander in the movements of the sea, for a moment of meditative reflection.

‘I’m always trying to understand how the human brain works, and how to put people in a very specific state of mind,’ says lehanneur. ‘the piece doesn’t move, but the reflection of light on the polished marble makes it feel like a real sea. the idea is to bring a piece of the water to a place where there is none, to create a contemplative experience.


Source : Designboom[:]