The future of non-natural stones by Silvia Noronha


Silvia Noronha explores the future of non-natural stones :

Materials that result from environmental contamination are emerging, and man-made materials, such as electronics, plastic, toxic waste are becoming part of nature.

Stones, Silvia Noronha explores their future :

How will these human activities with a significant global impact on earth‘s ecosystems affect the future of geology?

Berlin-based designer Silvia Noronha’s work is speculation about stones in an imaginary post-Anthropocene future.

In 2015, in the city of bento Rodriguez, Brazil, a dam retaining a concentrated broth of toxic mining waste broke, causing the world‘s second worst environmental catastrophe of its kind.

The event has affected the region and beyond in unpredictable and irreversible ways, leading to dramatic changes. Noronha project and exhibition engage in speculative geology around the material outcomes of these happenings.

‘ stones here are understood as media, which concentrates on multidimensional information, especially on time,’ explains the designer.

 the project seeks for an approach to the reception of this information, beyond the categories of human linear communication.the collapse in bento Rodriguez represents a tendency that draws our times together, the increasingly precarious interference of a given natural ecology and a human-made next nature.


Source : Designboom[:]