Grand Stone Enterprise is a marble company that specializes in the commercialization and export of all kinds of marbles and stones quarried in Morocco.

Based in Rabat, we capitalize on our extensive experience in the natural stone industry to find the best quality blocks extracted from any marble quarry in Morocco with a steady production line and quality in order to meet clients’ needs globally. We collaborate with international stone consultants, architects, and contractors to advise and supply all types of Moroccan marbles and stones in either raw blocks, slabs, tiles, and/or cut to size, including massive objects, columns, or any other special decorative work. At Grand Stone Enterprise, we also develop new designs and patterns allying modernity and tradition with combining the modern work of Moroccan marble to the traditional and artistic designs of Moroccan Zellige.

We offer a wide variety of marbles, travertines, and limestones, such as the Grey Lido, Grey Sahara, Atlantic Grey, Snow Grey, Nero Marquina, Nero Saint Laurent, Nero Port Laurent, Black Fossil, Brown Fossil, Sunset Red, Bluestone, Light Travertine, Travertine Noche, Grey Limestone, Beige Limestone, and the Yellow California.

Furthermore, our export department provides you with the latest information and trends about the Moroccan stone industry, as well as an update and a special support on the current offers of all the Moroccan natural stones.

At Grand Stone Enterprise, we believe communication with our clients is key as it enhances our capacity to meet your needs. In fact, understanding your specific requirements in terms of quantity, quality, color variation, uniformity of pattern, finishing, packaging, and delivery increases our capacity to fully respond to your requirements.

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