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Life & Stone.

Bringing natures’ treasures to your home.

Crafting timeless elegance.

Designing the perfect home can be a difficult and daunting endeavor. Integrating modern aesthetics with timeless elements can be challenging, but when done right, it creates an inviting atmosphere that feels like home.

Grand Stone offers a unique and timeless Limestone Collection in various shapes, surface, and edge finishes.
The texture and the consistency enhance the stone’s characteristic of this collection and make it ideal for any outdoor and indoor application.

Our tiles give a sense of having always existed!

From Morocco to your home.

In the heart of Morocco, Grand Stone unfolds a captivating story of natural stone. 

From the quarries to homes around the world, our marbles carry the essence of Morocco’s natural beauty. Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, we carefully select the finest blocks from diverse quarries across Morocco. As the sun sets over the quarries, our marbles and stones embark on a global journey, destined to bring sophistication and timeless beauty to homes worldwide. 

At Grand Stone, our commitment goes beyond stone; it’s a promise to understand your desires for design, color harmony, and flawless finishing. 

Welcome to the enduring narrative of Grand Stone—the storyteller of Moroccan stone, shaping dreams into timeless works of art.

Need a sample?

It is sometimes difficult to decide… that’s why at Grand Stone we prepare samples free of charge, get them delivered to your door.


Dive deeper into the essence of our stones. For an extensive exploration of these exquisite stones properties and applications, feel free to request our product information materials.

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