Is white Marble the worst idea ever?

Ooooh white marble, you little devil you.
You have created quite a stir in the interior design industry. Everyone loves you, and why not?

You are beautiful, elegant and so very enticing with your wild veining and luxurious aesthetic. However, despite your many surface level attributes, you are also highly warned against and labeled as a selection to be avoided like the plague because you are soft and porous and can be a true heart breaker should you have a run in with red wine in which you lose and your beautiful surface is left stained and scarred forever. It’s a true doozy that so many homeowners and designers face on a daily basis. The fight between the pretty and the practical. But does there have to be a fight?

Let’s start with the facts.
  • Marble like all natural stones is porous, meaning it has very small holes or pores throughout it’s surface where air and liquid can pass through. Being porous essentially just means it can be easily stained if not sealed properly.
  • Marble has been used all over the world in construction for thousands of years and can still be seen today in areas like the Parthenon in Greece and other ancient sites.
  • it is present in modern day buildings and structures as well. Think about your local mall or even office buildings, you are often walking atop marble on a daily basis and may not even know it!
  • The marbles used around the world and even in today’s modern day applications have worn over time, yes, but many believe the natural wearing of it brings even more beauty and character to the elegant stone.
  • Marble has no aesthetic equal. There are many beautiful countertop options out there, don’t get me wrong, but none with the same life and movement as marble.

With all of that being said whether or not you should go with marble for your home depends 100% on you and your personality. If you understand the nature and tendencies of it and can see it and love it for what is, then it is most certainly for you. But if you super type A and having it in your kitchen will hinder you from actually using and enjoying your space for fear of ruining it, then my advice would be to go with a different material.

You pick what you want and you rely on modern-day offerings such as this sealer Grand stone to ensure your countertops can be equal parts beautiful and practical.

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Source : thespruce